Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Healing Waters

If you read my blog, you know how I love baths. Baths are where I get my greatest ideas. It is where I have my greatest peace and my most amazing thoughts. There is something that always bothers me about the bath though. Here in Las Vegas, it is that the water in which we bathe is chemically laden. I ALWAYS add salt to my bath to counteract the negative things in it. By salt, I mean sea salt or Himalayan salt. These kinds of salt counteract the negative effects of water by absorbing and eliminating the chemicals, bacteria and nastiness in the water. They also are great for the skin, and for aches and pains. Upon learning more about coral calcium this last week, I had an epiphany. Coral calcium and Sea/Himalayan salt together in the bath!

Why coral calcium you ask? Well, because...

Coral Calcium has many wonderful properties. I am talking about above sea coral calcium. I will not go into detail about why this is important now, just know it is. It is obviously good for our hair, skin and nails. But it is also good for EVERY cell in our bodies. It also keeps our muscles, nerves and circulation of blood going strong. It keeps our bones strong and solid. What does it do for the water? It absorbs and cleanses the lead, mercury and other chemicals we have in our water.

So, I blended up a batch of Himalayan sea salt, coral calcium and of course some essential oils. (I used lavender, bergamot and coriander- some of my favorite bath blessings!) I was so excited to enter my bath that night, as I poured a heaping cup into the steaming water. (Yes, I like my bath's hot.) The experience was heaven! Have you ever been in a mineral pool or hot springs? You know the buoyancy and softness you feel? Well, I created that in my own bath! I'd had a massage that day to loosen up a tight shoulder that was a result of a bout with shingles, and this bath cradled me like a bassinet of flowing water! I felt so rested and relaxed after this bath, that I made up an extra large batch of my treasure, so as to never be without it.

If you are not a 'bath person" by nature, give it a try! We deserve to take a luxurious rest in one of nature's best creations. Bless yourself with the gift of just being, not having to do or say anything, and letting the bliss that is water be a part of our lives.

*Above ground coral calcium and Himalayan salts found at Herbally Grounded, Las Vegas, NV.