Tuesday, August 5, 2008

SS Tip #4: Di-a-rrhe-a, and Con-sti-pa-tion

I wrote those words carefully as people just don't seem to like to hear them. Given the issues involved with these two fun friends, I cannot blame you. Often when we travel, our bowels tend to not move along with us as well. You may have a bout with one or the other, or vacillate between the two. Of course the general health rules apply here. Drink lots of water, and fruit and vegetables will help move the bowels along at a regular pace. Keep in mind your intestines are muscles. I like to think of them like a big boa constrictor. They move the waste down very similarly to how a boa digests it's food. If you find yourself in one or both of these predicaments though, here is what we do:

While driving a long ways, make sure and stop and walk a little bit along your way. Staying sedentary in the car for hours, is not conducive to allowing the bowels to move.

-Slippery Elm (a very mucilaginous herb that helps soothe and helps the bowels move along, very gently)

-Eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Because I knew we would be eating on the road, I packed our portable cooler with apples, celery, clementines, grapes and the like, so that we could still keep some good enzymes in the diet.

- On The Move Fiber from Herbally Grounded, Greens, and Chlorella. All of things keep the bowels moving and fortified so they can function well.


-My favorite remedy for diarrhea is charcoal. I like the Nature's Best brand and it comes in capsules. It gives you just enough substance to get things back to normal.Make sure and still drink lots of water!

-Young coconut juice: Helps keep those enzymes and fortified minerals in the body and helps the body to disperse the water you take internally more efficiently.

- I like to make a little mixture of a few slices of ginger, steeped in hot water, add 1 tbsp. of honey and a tsp. full of marshmallow root. This soothes the bowels and is anti-inflammatory as well.

Keep a movin'!