Friday, August 8, 2008

Summer Soothers Tip #5: Sleep

Sleep can be disturbed or bothered while traveling. Whether it be a different bed, difference in time zones, routine, etc... it can be tough to be well rested for adults and children alike.

Here are some things we use in our travels.

Calming Essential Oils-Lavender, chamomile, mandarin, coriander, lemon, rose otto, jasmine, neroli, etc... (Soon to be available from our website will be two specific calming synergies-Beautiful Dreamer and Bliss)
I also love this blend Click here: Dream Time: Insomnia, Restful Sleep, Nightmares, Sleep Enhancer - Absolute Essential.
Apply to crown of head, forehead, back of neck, feet and breathe in deeply.

Melatonin-I like the drops (Sweet Dreams brand). Children can also safely use these.

Dream Pillows- Dream A Little Dream-Dream Pillows I love to use my one with lavender, rose buds, nutmeg and clove in it.

Fortify- Available from Herbally Grounded. Helps have consistent sleep and strong bones!

Single herbs, teas, etc... Chamomile is a century old favorite. I like to add spearmint and agave to it.
Valerian is a bit stinky, but is wonderful. I add a tsp. to my orange juice and down it.
Hops-Great for those whose minds go over grocery lists, finances and the days events and cannot slow down.
Passion Flower- Made into a tea it is tart and tangy and pink! I really love it with a little chai and cream myself. It is very euphoric and makes me relax and rest my muscles so I go to sleep faster.
You can take portable tea bags with you on trips as well as use a coffee maker that is provided if you are in a hotel. It's very easy to travel and drink your tea!

Other helps:
Read before bed instead of watch TV. TV sticks in our subconscious if watched before bedtime. Especially if it is scary, tragic images. Our subconscious runs around with this information all night, and I cannot emphasize how damaging it is. (I will not step up on my soapbox right now of having a TV in the bedroom, but someday I might, so watch out!) James Ray says the bedroom is for sleeping, napping and babymaking. I agree.:)

Gentle exercises-Yoga, Tai Chi or meditation before bed. (Check out these Tai Chi dvd's- they are fantastic! TaiChiFlow)

I like to repeat to myself: (without looking at the clock, which says it is way to late to be going to bed to get a good nights sleep)

"I will sleep soundly and peacefully and awake refreshed and excited to greet the day. "

Whether it's true or not, thinking makes it so!