Thursday, April 5, 2007

Let the Allergies Begin....

As a child I suffered so badly from seasonal allergies that I couldn't even play outside during the most beautiful time of the year. I had the whole shabang- itchy throat, eyes, sniffles, itchy skin, ears, etc. For about 10 years, Afrin nasal spray became my best friend. When I was 23, I lost my sense of smell and taste due to a ginormous amount of nasal polyps caused by the years of nasal spray abuse. Growing up holistically, we tried everything under the sun, including the sun to solve my problems. Things would work, but only for a short time.

Oddly, after my polyp removal surgery, I have not been bothered by allergies again. Sadly my mother who still live in Pollenville, suffers every year. I have not found a concrete, 100% remedy for allergies. BUT, I continue to try and have found some things that seem to at least lessen the symptoms. I am actually working on an evil looking apple cider vinegar infusion as we speak, and hope that it will be the magic tonic to cure the world of all allergies, hunger, strife and disease. Awww, come on, there is nothing wrong with high hopes, right? So, here is a compilation of ideas. Look at the list, intuitively pick what resonates with you. THEN, create your shopping list!


-Wash hair every night to prevent pollen from sleeping with you.
-Wash bed linens often in natural detergent- good sources for this are Trader Joe's, Herbally Grounded, Make your own, etc...
-Use a high quality essential oil diffuser. I Love, love, love the ultrasonic diffusers that are sold at Herbally Grounded. Best ever!
-Keep doors and windows closed

Other ideas:

Use a Neti Pot and rinse sinus' with sea salt and warm water. Doesn't hurt to put adrop of Lavender or Tea Tree in there as well. When I had my one and only sinus infection, the neti was a life saver.
Jala neti - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Herbs & Oils:

-Allergy Formula from Herbally Grounded
-Las Vegas Mix (Homeopathic) by Dolisos ( available at HG)

-Breathe Easy Essential Wellness Oil by Desert Rose- rub over bridge of nose at bedtime or as needed

-Peppermint/Chapparal tea sweetened with agave

-Garlic, garlic, fresh garlic (new post to come all about garlic)

-Inhaling Rosemary and Lemon Essential oils

I am never one to discount the importance of a good positive affirmation. Hre is one to try, or create your own:

"My body is whole, healthy, and perfectly content. I can breathe with ease and am grateful for every breath."

Remember, "As a man thinketh, so is he."- Poverbs 23:7

Picture yourself well!