Thursday, February 8, 2007

Product of the Month-Out n' About Spray

One of the first things I made to use with my children (after soap) was antibacterial hand spray. I am a germaphobe by nature, and wanted something that was good for the skin and still made the world magically clean! I refused to use the hand sanitizers on the market that were just becoming popular because of the huge amounts of alcohol and preservatives they had in them. They also dried out my hands horribly. So I formulated my blend out of some well known antibacterial essential oils, put it in a spray bottle and have been happy ever since. My kids know that after the park, grocery store, etc., they hold their hands out and get a spray. They love the smell, and I love the effect.
The "Out 'n About spray has become my closest friend. It accompanied us to Disneyland, where the year before we had left the magic kingdom with some nasty pink eye. It accompanies me to the grocery store, when I happen to pick up a leaky piece of meat and find no bathroom in site (or possibly that raw meat juice on my hands is the better choice between entering a grocery store bathroom), and also works on the cart, as I don't have enough arms to carry in a bulky shopping cart cover. I spray where my kids sit and anywhere they will touch. It is sprayed on the backs and arm rests of chairs at the movie, much to my husbands chagrin. He now accepts my germaphobia and likes to watch me scramble to see if I can spray his seat before he quickly sits down. It also doubles as a first aid spray, air purifier, and for over all wellness.
Essential oils by nature are more antibacterial than anything chemical or natural, so using them in our environment is both safe and effective. It makes me feel happy when I have my spray, and distraught when I don't. It also came in handy one time when a little girl barfed up her breakfast in the hallway at church. Everyone was grateful for the sweet smell of eucalyptus, tea tree and lemon that day! Out n' About Spray can be purchased locally at Herbally Grounded or by e-mailing