Saturday, November 8, 2008


When you are through changing, you are through.

~Bruce Barton

For the followers of this blog, I want to thank you. I do not know who many of you are, but I am glad you visit anyway! I started this blog as a place for good information, ideas and bettering health and well being. Though I have mostly talked about herbs, oils, etc... I want to add other gems as well that I feel contribute positively to our lives. As many of you know, I do wellness consultations and energy work. That may be a foreign thing to you, but you do not have to understand it, to benefit from it. I have found that the only true way to be healthy is to have harmony in our lives, body, mind and spirit....through seeking mental, spiritual, financial, social, & emotional well being. These are the spokes of our wheel that keeps it rolling along smoothly. So, I hope that the changes will be welcomed! I of course would love to receive questions, thoughts and the like, as I do believe we all teach each other!

Oh how I love Alfalfa.... let me count the ways....

I was a big fan of The Little Rascals. I thought I was Darla. I sang like Darla, dressed like Darla, and believed I would always be Darla. Darla loved Alfalfa, and though the Alfalfa I love is a plant and not a person, we do still have that in common!

Alfalfa is an amazing plant. It is #1, numero uno on the herb list for the plant with most nutrients. It is known as the "Father of all Herbs." If you answer no to the question "Got Milk?" You will want to answer yes to "Got Alfalfa?"

It is high in natural Vit. D which helps build strong bones inside and out. It is also great for the arteries, cholesterol all organs, skin and senses. Right now I smell the sweet hay-e smell of alfalfa/peppermint tea wafting up from my tea maker. This tea is amazing and helps me personally with digestion, heartburn and the like. Alfalfa sprouts are a favorite also, though they are not as medicinal as the fresh or dried plant leaves. Alfalfa is phenomenal for helping stimulate milk production in nursing mother's as well. Combined with fenugreek, blessed thistle and marshmallow root, you've got yourself an amazing nursing stimulant. I love to start my day with a wonderful greens formula called "Amazing Greens." It is FULL of the best nutrients, and is truly my natural caffeine. It is also full of what else? Alfalfa. If I do not take this daily (I prefer it in juice, but it tastes good in water or a smoothie as well) you can find me passed out on the couch by mid morning. I feel it working in my body to balance my body functions and provide me with much needed energy. Whether you take it in a combination like Amazing Greens or by itself, alfalfa should be a part of everyone's day!
Amazing Greens can be found on, opening this next week! Please contact me for further information!
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