Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Once in a Lifetime Sale!

Call me crazy! As we prepare to launch our website, I am changing the packaging and labels on some of my products. The old packaging is great, I am just making it more uniform and buying from one supplier. So, my change is for your benefit! All my essential wellness oils (see below for description), rollers and sprays are being sold at close to wholesale prices. Supply is limited, so first orders, first served. If you have any questions, please e-mail me at DsrtRoseLV@aol.com.

Essential Wellness info is listed below with the list of available blends, sprays and rollers are listed on the bottom.

Payment and Shipping:
Paypal is the method of payment. You do not have to have a paypal account to pay via paypal. All orders over $50 receive free priority shipping. Otherwise shipping is $4.80 flat fee.

Ordering: Please send an e-mail with the subject line of DRO Order. Put the item and blend you would like and quantity. I will send you an invoice via paypal.

Essential Wellness Oils
What are they?
EWO’s are blends of essential oils chosen for a specific purpose. (i.e. emotional wellbeing, physical health, ailments, illnesses, antibacterial etc…) All oils are hand blended for accuracy and added to base oils (grape seed, coconut, sunflower oil, etc…),
for ease of use.

How do they work?
Suggested use instructions are given on each bottle. Each EWO comes ready to use with no dilution or guesswork on your part. Usually, you will rub the oils on the area of need and also on the bottom of the feet. This can enable the essential oils to work systemically as well as locally.

What are essential oils?
Essential oils are plant essences that are extracted from certain species of flowers, grasses, fruits, leaves, roots, and trees. Today & and for thousands of years, essential oils have been used for medicinal purposes. Combined with herbs, they are truly a “wholistic” treatment. Each oil has many different components making it unique for specific uses.

Essential Wellness Oil & Use

Alcedonia Anti-Anxiety
Beautiful Dreamer Sleep, Insomnia
BreatheEasy Respiratory, colds, etc.
Bliss Calming,-great for kids
Caliga Depression, Sadness, Lethargy
Cellu-Lite Firms, tightens cellulite
Cool Down Cools the body naturally, overheating, fevers. etc... (I personally will not go anywhere without this, it breaks an uncomfortable fever like no other!
Immunity Strengthens immunity, flu, virus’
Le Fleur Labor, pregnancy, calming, pain relief
Myrtle Fertility, hormones
PMS Support Cramps, moods, bloating
Pregnancy Mood Support Moods, hormone balance, etc.
Skin Support Rashes, eczema, psoriasis, etc.
Abundance Overall feeling of well being, and joy

Available in 2 oz. bottle with dispenser cap.
Reg. $12 Now $9


A convenient and portable way to carry scent with you wherever you may go.

Believe- A spiritual blend to help ground, calm, and bring peace

Lavender Fields-all-purpose for calming, first aid– etc.
Headache Soother– roll on temples, back of neck, forehead for soothing headache relief
Cleansing -for blemishes, scrapes, stings, cuts, etc.

Available in .10 ml glass roller bottle:
Reg. $8.00 Now $6


A fresh mist of our sprays and you get the immediate olfactory gift of refreshment and joy. Easy and portable to use, it makes using essential oils simple.

Pick Me Up-An energizing mist of mints and citrus oils

Out & About: All purpose antibacterial spray for hands & surfaces
First Aid Spray-for cuts, scrapes, abrasions, bites, etc.

Big Brain-Mental Fog, ADD, Focus

Available in 2 oz. sprays-
Reg. $10 Now $7

The information contained on this blog is not meant to prescribe, treat or diagnose, or take the place of medical assistance. Discuss health care options with your personal doctor.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Summer Soothers Tip #5: Sleep

Sleep can be disturbed or bothered while traveling. Whether it be a different bed, difference in time zones, routine, etc... it can be tough to be well rested for adults and children alike.

Here are some things we use in our travels.

Calming Essential Oils-Lavender, chamomile, mandarin, coriander, lemon, rose otto, jasmine, neroli, etc... (Soon to be available from our website will be two specific calming synergies-Beautiful Dreamer and Bliss)
I also love this blend Click here: Dream Time: Insomnia, Restful Sleep, Nightmares, Sleep Enhancer - Absolute Essential.
Apply to crown of head, forehead, back of neck, feet and breathe in deeply.

Melatonin-I like the drops (Sweet Dreams brand). Children can also safely use these.

Dream Pillows- Dream A Little Dream-Dream Pillows I love to use my one with lavender, rose buds, nutmeg and clove in it.

Fortify- Available from Herbally Grounded. Helps have consistent sleep and strong bones!

Single herbs, teas, etc... Chamomile is a century old favorite. I like to add spearmint and agave to it.
Valerian is a bit stinky, but is wonderful. I add a tsp. to my orange juice and down it.
Hops-Great for those whose minds go over grocery lists, finances and the days events and cannot slow down.
Passion Flower- Made into a tea it is tart and tangy and pink! I really love it with a little chai and cream myself. It is very euphoric and makes me relax and rest my muscles so I go to sleep faster.
You can take portable tea bags with you on trips as well as use a coffee maker that is provided if you are in a hotel. It's very easy to travel and drink your tea!

Other helps:
Read before bed instead of watch TV. TV sticks in our subconscious if watched before bedtime. Especially if it is scary, tragic images. Our subconscious runs around with this information all night, and I cannot emphasize how damaging it is. (I will not step up on my soapbox right now of having a TV in the bedroom, but someday I might, so watch out!) James Ray says the bedroom is for sleeping, napping and babymaking. I agree.:)

Gentle exercises-Yoga, Tai Chi or meditation before bed. (Check out these Tai Chi dvd's- they are fantastic! TaiChiFlow)

I like to repeat to myself: (without looking at the clock, which says it is way to late to be going to bed to get a good nights sleep)

"I will sleep soundly and peacefully and awake refreshed and excited to greet the day. "

Whether it's true or not, thinking makes it so!


Tuesday, August 5, 2008

SS Tip #4: Di-a-rrhe-a, and Con-sti-pa-tion

I wrote those words carefully as people just don't seem to like to hear them. Given the issues involved with these two fun friends, I cannot blame you. Often when we travel, our bowels tend to not move along with us as well. You may have a bout with one or the other, or vacillate between the two. Of course the general health rules apply here. Drink lots of water, and fruit and vegetables will help move the bowels along at a regular pace. Keep in mind your intestines are muscles. I like to think of them like a big boa constrictor. They move the waste down very similarly to how a boa digests it's food. If you find yourself in one or both of these predicaments though, here is what we do:

While driving a long ways, make sure and stop and walk a little bit along your way. Staying sedentary in the car for hours, is not conducive to allowing the bowels to move.

-Slippery Elm (a very mucilaginous herb that helps soothe and helps the bowels move along, very gently)

-Eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Because I knew we would be eating on the road, I packed our portable cooler with apples, celery, clementines, grapes and the like, so that we could still keep some good enzymes in the diet.

- On The Move Fiber from Herbally Grounded, Greens, and Chlorella. All of things keep the bowels moving and fortified so they can function well.


-My favorite remedy for diarrhea is charcoal. I like the Nature's Best brand and it comes in capsules. It gives you just enough substance to get things back to normal.Make sure and still drink lots of water!

-Young coconut juice: Helps keep those enzymes and fortified minerals in the body and helps the body to disperse the water you take internally more efficiently.

- I like to make a little mixture of a few slices of ginger, steeped in hot water, add 1 tbsp. of honey and a tsp. full of marshmallow root. This soothes the bowels and is anti-inflammatory as well.

Keep a movin'!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Summer Soothers: Tip #3- Treat Your Feet

When you think of it, our feet do more everyday than most any other part of our body minus our internal organs. That is why pedicures are great and are conducive to overall health and well being! A few years ago I started what has become a yearly ritual and one all the girls-nieces included, look forward to at my family reunion. It is the "Last Night of the Reunion Spa Foot Bath." After the men-folk have returned from their endless hours of fishing, dirt biking, and the like, the kids are settled and the ladies join on the porch for our own individual foot baths. I started this because by the end of the reunion in the mountainous regions my beautiful pedicure complete with hand painted flowers and sparklies had turned into something similar to a hobbits dirty, hairy- foot minus the hair. I am sad we did not take pictures this year, but we were enjoying it too much to move.

Here is what we do:

Buy inexpensive laundry bins (I bought mine at Target for about $1.25 each and they are rectangular)
Each bin is filled with warm/hot water. We seat ourselves in a circle and I have a variety of goodies to add. I pass around Castile or Trader Joe's dish soap to add to the water to help with all the dirt. We swish that around and then I have about 12 single essential oils and blends to choose from. I tell the therapeutic effects of each and we pass them around letting each person add their own. After soaking for a bit, we pass around a container of salt scrub, everyone takes a small handful, and we scrub our feet until they are nice and clean. We soak some more, and then turn the bin over, emptying the water, and dry our feet on the bin or with a towel. This year I brought the famous cream my sister and I make, and also a cayenne lotion I made (simply add cayenne (medicinal not food grade) to unscented lotion base, shake up, let sit). So they had a choice. The cayenne is great for a little warmth and circulation. All the while we are talking and chatting and enjoying the bliss that is ours. Chocolate always has a place, and a variety is usually eaten. You could add fresh herbs or flowers if you so desired, and I thought a nice touch would be some river rocks to rub our feet on in the water. Don't forget the importance of your feet-take time to care for them, especially while camping!