Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Limited Offer....

Peppermint Cream

Every year I make this at Christmas time. I have people that get angry at me the rest of the year because they can't get their hands on any. I have people that literally savor the last few swipes of the cream , and hunt me down until they can get some more. Until I can keep up with the demand, it is only offered on certain occasions and not on my website full time. It is luxurious and will soothe and soften even the ugliest cracked heal. Better than anything it is all natural and tingles with peppermint goodness, especially on freshly washed feet and legs. I have a limited stock and when it is gone it is gone. You can buy it here- Click here: Peppermint Cream (6 oz) - $12.08 : Herbalogie, The study of herbs. -first come, first serve. It makes a lovely gift, and if you pair it with an essential oil roller or wellness oil, I will throw it all in an organza bag for free!

Healthy Family Relationships- Group Call

Healthy Family Relationships

Everyone has dysfunction in their families, and at this time of year it seems, we can become more aware of it!
Do you wish you could enjoy family members in a more positive way?
Do you wish you could change negative patterns with people in your family?
Do you wish being together with family could be more enjoyable?

This is a group call for specifically helping you with family relationships in your immediate or extended family. This time of year can be so joyous, but and it can also be difficult if you have family issues.

Do you realize by just you shifting your energy on a call such as this, it can change the patterns in your whole family?

A group call can be very powerful, and the energy is amazing.

We will work on releasing old negative patterns and false assumptions and beliefs between family members, and planting new healthy, supportive thoughts and feelings that support peaceful family relationships.

Join us for this session!

When: Thursday, December 18th, 7pm PST

I love the Christmas Season and I love the charitable giving and receiving that surrounds us. As my gift to you for desiring to change things in your family for the more positive and peaceful feelings you know can exist, I offer this group call at a highly discounted rate of $14. (That is half price!) My desire is for this season to be more happy and healthy than any other and for you and your family to benefit from this amazing work!

"Using this work to help heal family relationships has been amazing. The gentle and subtle shifts in my own and my loved ones energy still confounds me. Feelings and beliefs that we have had for years have been literally erased and replaced with positive and loving new ones. We are able to truly enjoy each other like we never have. Thank you! ~RMJ

What is a group session?
A group session is where many people are on a call at once. The benefits are that it costs less than a private session, and the energy of a group can be very powerful. The phone lines are muted until the end where I will address specific questions sent to me via email and leave a few minutes for discussion.

How does it work?
I begin the session by doing a general clearing of energy and then we just let it guide us from there. Energy knows no bounds, and the collective group effort is very powerful! It is a great way to feel energized about the specific topic we are discussing and clearing. Personally, after group sessions I have participated in, I feel full of energy, purpose and positive feelings! I feel clear on my direction, and the collective energy of a group makes it even more so. You don't need to completely understand energy work for this to be effective. After the call you will have more clarity on how it works and you will feel the difference!

What do I need to do?

~Pay for the call below-your payment is your registration
~You will be sent a confirmation email
~Call in at the appointed time
~If you would like, please send a specific, but brief question via e-mail
(JHughes@Herbalogie.com) on the topic that will be discussed.

***Please register at least 30 minutes before the call so you can be sure and get your information in a timely manner.

Order your session now!