Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Q & A- Morning Sickness

Could suggest some Essential Oils / Herbs for morning sickness and pregnancy health in general?
-Kellie in Las Vegas

Hi Kellie-

Having experienced morning/all day sickness with all of my pregnancies, this is an excellent question.
I always try and reassure pregnant mamas that having some sort of nausea is a good sign of pregnancy. In my experience, it is rare to have morning sickness and miscarry. My mom told always told me that it is a sign that your body is adjusting to the pregnancy and the baby is growing. Scientifically, this is also proven. An interesting article on the subject can be found here: Morning Sickness Protects Mother and Child. That said, it can be a very miserable experience for some who experience severe nausea called Hyperemesis gravidarum- (see-Hyperemesis gravidarum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia), which is like riding on a bad roller coaster over and over and is unrelenting. This can be a scary and hard to cope with this type of nausea, Here are some things that can help mild to severe "pregnancy nausea":

Prenatal Preparation: Balance those hormones. Did I say balance your hormones? You are right!

I would suggest-

Evening Primrose Oil

From Herbalogie.com
-Balance Tincture
-Extra Greens
-Green Stevia

Hormone balancing essential oils:
Clary sage, fennel,geranium, ylang- ylang (pronounced e-long, e-long, thank you Jeanne Rose!), grapefruit and lavender.


Essential Wellness Blends from Herbalogie.com
-PMS Support
-Beautiful Dreamer
- Pregnancy Mood Support
-Pick Me Up Spray- contains peppermint, spearmint and a bunch of citrus oils

If you are already pregnant, you can still balance your hormones using the herbs and using pregnancy mood support essential wellness oil or the above single oils. Spearmintor peppermint oil diluted and rubbed around the belly button and inhaled helps with nausea in the first trimester. I also apply the essential oils to my feet and pulse points. I kept a cotton ball with peppermint eo on it in my pocket at all times!

Other things that help:

-Ipecacuanha Homeopathic- this helped a lot with my twins
-Young coconut water- I drank literally gallons of this during pregnancy
How to use young coconuts for your vibrant health!- this site has the best pics of how to use it! You can find these by the case locally in Las Vegas at Chinatown Market, Whole Foods, Albertson's, and Wild Oats.
-Small frequent meals consisting of 50% raw foods
-Little dairy and no fried foods
-Red Raspberry Tea or pregnancy tea with spearmint- I like it cold with some agave nectar. Helps balance hormones and aid in nausea.
-Bananas- helps with low potassium levels and evens out blood sugar. Low blood sugar means more nausea.
-Lemon Drops
- Green Stevia- Blood sugar balancer
-All things Ginger- chews, ginger soother drink, etc... I LOVE the Ginger People- Welcome to The Ginger People - Home of the World's Best Quality Ginger t

Here's to a happy pregnant belly!