Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Spring Cleaning & Challenge

Spring cleaning our homes seems a daunting task if we are not an overall organized person.

We make lists, we make plans, we plant, we work, we stand back to see our creation.
I try and spring clean every year. It ends up turning into a process that once started, sometimes seems hard to continue, even begin or stop. Emotions are attached to things for me, and so I ponder a little too long on things that should be easy to let go of. I might need it, it has served me, it is comfortable, will I miss it, not having it may change me! Fear sets in and anxiety too. They are just things I tell myself... temporal, temporary THINGS. I realize some of these things don't serve me. I release them. I feel lighter, I breathe a cleansing breathe. Sometimes I later feel anxiety letting them go, and I dig back in that garbage bag to find them and hold them close again. But the more I let go of the things that do not serve me, the better I feel and I start to love the feeling of freedom and lightness more than I loved the things.

Apply this principle to our emotions and those things we carry around with us that weigh us spiritually and emotionally down. They are just things or memories of things. They do not serve us. They stop us. They are roadblocks, briar patches and pits that slow us down on our journey to greatness. They are barriers to happiness, peace, and rest. Sometimes we feel like we can let them go. We place them in the garbage bag. We feel naked, a little exposed. They served a purpose, if only to stop us from having to be who we were meant to be. They had become comfortable, even though the comfort was not real. So, we may choose to dig through that bag and get them back out. Or, we can CHOOSE to let them go, and enjoy the freedom and peace more than the false comfort they brought.

Release, surrender.... all those things that are not who you are. Doubt, false beliefs, fears, anxieties. Let them go, slowly if you must. Be that caterpillar. Build your cocoon. With each thing you release, your cocoon gets stronger, inter-woven, sustainable, comfortable. Then climb inside this new place you have created by letting go all that you did not need. Snuggle into it. Feel the walls, feel the warmth, like a swaddled newborn who feels secure, unconditionally loved, appreciated, full. Stay until you are ready, stretch and grow and when you choose to emerge, look at who you are now. You look younger, you feel better, you are not perfect, but that is not the purpose. You know who you are, you begin to take stock and note what you like about you, life, friends, family, instead of filing away the hurts, angst and pain. Life is new. It is not free from pain or trouble, but with new eyes you face the challenges. With new wings, you fly more easily through life.

Spring Cleaning Challenge- Let go of the things that are not serving you. Meditate, pray, do yoga,Tai Chi, energy work, sit quietly and observe the things you can change. You will be amazed at the power that brings. Realizing YOU can change it. You can! Because you are powerful, and a beloved creature of divinity!

I believe in you and I believe in who you want to be. We are here to help each other. I believe in that.
Painting by my favorite artist- Sulamith Wulfing