Thursday, November 6, 2008

Why Utah has got it going on...

I have never lived in Utah, nor do I visit often. It is a pretty place with lots of cool things. This summer we took some sight seeing trips in Utah on our way to the annual Fam Re and went to visit my dear friend Amy. As I got out of the car in her lush green and blooming neighborhood (I have always been a desert rat), I was astounded, no amazed, no ecstatic to see the streets lined with the lush growth of Echinacea and Lavender! Two of my favorite herbs, and two of the prettiest mind you. Whoever master planned that community has got my vote for president! I was so in awe, and so overjoyed by being surround by herbal growth, I had to pick two of the beautiful pink echinacea flowers. As we left Amy's house, I took a picture of me holding them. It is the best picture I have ever taken. (Note to self: Study correlation between echinacea and transdermal effects in relationship to better photography skills.) Sadly, soon after, they began to wilt, and so we snacked on the petals, so they would not be wasted, and bid farewell to the land of echinacea and lavender.

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Gee... you smell delicious.

There is a common question I get when out and about. It is always followed by a big whiff and sniff and then the question, accompanied by a perplexed gaze and tilt of the head..."Um, what, um are you wearing, you smell sooo good." I am always wearing an essential oil of some sort, and because people are not used to smelling real authentic scent and are inundated with "fragrance oils" that are synthetic, they can't quite place the uniqueness of my scent. I do have my favorites... Pikake oil (Hawaiian jasmine), pink grapefruit, and bergamot being my top three. Sometimes I mix them all. As I have mentioned before, essential oils have therapeutic uses. Their first and foremost is their effect on the brain. You smell it, you like it, you feel better. Just ask your brain! It knows good stuff when you smell it. That is why using essential oils as perfume makes sense to me. It isn't synthetic, doesn't harm you, and has a beneficial effect. Try it... and you too can smell delicious.