Monday, June 29, 2009

Clear Your Mind-Calm Your Body-Claim Your Spirit

I will be a guest on this Is Calyco Healing right for YOU? July 1 at 6 PM Mountain free teleclass. As many of you know I incorporate Calyco Healing into my Health and Wellness Consultations. I have found that when addressing and clearing stuck energy in our bodies and minds, whether it be by false beliefs, traumas, generational patterns, or other things, that health and wellness improves dramatically on it's own. With a background in herbs and aromatherapy, I use these things daily to help my physical and mental body feel better. But, I also find I don't need as much supplementation as I once did because when using energy work, you get rid of baggage that does not serve you, that really does effect your health. So, I always check out everything energetically when beginning a consultation, and then we address what physical things may be left over after.

This is a GREAT opportunity to understand more about energy work and how it works! Even if you are not interested in the course, this call will explain how Calyco works and can work for you!

Mark your calendar!

This coming Wed. July 1st I'll be offering a Free Tele-class:

"Is Calyco Healing right for YOU?"

5 pm Pac / 6 pm MDT / 7 pm Central / 8 pm Eastern

If you've ever considered taking a Calyco Healing course now or in the future, you do not want to miss this call! On this call you won't hear me telling you more about Calyco, you'll hear 4 students/clients who have experienced CH for themselves and would love to share with you:

·what made them decide to take the course

·what experience with energy (if any) they had before taking CH

·in what ways has it changed them, their families, others

·how they are using it in their lives now

·and I'm sure they'll share much more!

These 4 gals are so excited to talk to you, because you may be in the same place they were before taking the course.

-You know, that place of 'feeling' drawn to it, but not sure if you could really develop the skills to do it, and the biggie for many people: "Is it worth the investment?"

They can answer all these concerns better than I can, so that's why they are the ones who will be doing the talking.
Now, this is pretty brave of me to do, because although I know they liked the CH training and are doing good things with it, I'm not exactly sure what they are going to tell you! So tune in with me on Wed July 1st 6 pm MDT to hear what they want you to know about Calyco Healing.
Remember, there's no fee for this and you don't even need to register beforehand! You can listen through your computer speakers via webcast or call in on your telephone--your choice!


Hope you'll join me Wednesday!

Carolyn Cooper
Calyco Healing
PO Box 910546
St. George, Ut. 847

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